Covet Interior Architects and Design in Stockholm

It all started on December 4, 2010. We were two young and fearless interior architects with educations from Milan and London.

What brought us together was a shared frustration with a saturated and male-dominated industry. We wanted to break new ground and start an agency with healthy values, high quality deliveries and clients who feel respected and taken seriously. This is still our driving force and ambition. Every happy client gave us two new ones and that's how it has continued. We´ve earned our position through hard work and a dedicated client focus.

Our long list of successful projects show that all parties involved, from our brilliant team to our fantastic partners, do their utmost to live up to our clients' high expectations.

We're currently 6 employees and have designed approximately 400 private homes to date; A breathtaking number when you think of all the people who now live their daily lives in interiors created by our team.

Linn Frankhammar and Ida Stoltenberg
Stockholm, June 6, 2022.


Our brilliant team have degrees from international universities in Milano, Melbourne and London. Our five interior architects manage their own projects from start to finish. In our Stockholm office, you'll also find Ruben, our irresistibly charming office dog.

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Linn Frankhammar

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Ida Stoltenberg

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Ellinor Pedersen

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Hediyeh Olson

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Frida Good

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Jessica Ström


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