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We are experts in interior architecture and design – A full service agency offering solutions from concept to construction and completion. Our assignments include private homes, commercial spaces and property branding.

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Private homes

40 or 400 square meters? We can help you create your dream home and maximize the use of your spaces, no matter their size.


Have you found a space but need the feasible solutions for it? We develop creative concepts for hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops and offices.

Property Branding

Do you need to match your property with the right target audience? In collaboration with developers and real estate owners, we deliver creative concepts for new production projects.


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Take 5, Kungsholms kyrkoplan.


180 sqm

Private homes



Norrtullsgatan, Vasastan.


100 sqm


We tailor each project according to your needs. You can choose if you only want our design support or if you also want us to manage tenders, purchases and construction.


Our interior architects develop creative concepts for floorplan-changes, storage solutions, bespoke furniture and interior design ideas.

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We help you coordinate and carry out all purchases for the project as well as coordinating deliveries.

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We manage the tender process and let competing contractors submit their project proposals. We then help you choose your project partner.

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We manage the entire construction process and guide your contractor's team through all phases of the project.

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Our brilliant team have degrees from international universities in Milano, Melbourne and London. Our five interior architects manage their own projects from start to finish. In our Stockholm office, you'll also find Ruben, our irresistibly charming office dog.

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Linn Frankhammar

Inredningsarkitekt / Delägare

Ida Stoltenberg

Inredningsarkitekt / Projektledare / Delägare

Ellinor Pedersen

Inredningsarkitekt / Projektledare

Hediyeh Olson

Inredningsarkitekt / Projektledare

Frida Good

Inredningsarkitekt / Projektledare

Jessica Ström


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