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Our interior architects develop creative concepts for floorplan-changes, storage solutions, bespoke furniture and interior design ideas.



The interior designer in charge visits the site of the project to do a thorough documentation and measuring.


A bespoke design concept will be presented by the interior architects at a creative session at our office or via video. The concept will be presented through technical 2D-drawings, a 3D-model to scale and physical samples.

In-depth interview

During the interview, we'll review the project from start to finish and look at the budget, functions and other questions that need to be answered before we can kick it off. Together we will also look at finishes and inspirational images to align on a shared vision.


After the presentation, the client gets an opportunity to adjust the concept. One feedback round is always included.

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We manage the tender process and let competing contractors submit their project proposals. We then help you choose your project partner.


Construction offer

We have a large network of experienced and certified contractors and offer two competing companies to make an offer on the project. Meetings are being held with construction site managers from each company at the site of the project. Within two weeks, offers with prices and timings are sent out to the client and presented via telephone or an in-person meeting at the Covet office.

Selection of contractor

With guidance from Covet, the client will then select the contractor they want to proceed with. This is usually a negotiation process, discussing different ideas and solutions with the two bidding contractors to find the right partner at the right price. It may also require Covet to help the client finding new practical solutions around the construction itself and to find alternative contractors.

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We help you coordinate and carry out all purchases for the project as well as coordinating deliveries.



Covet handles the relationship with the contractor and purchase orders are made in accordance with a purchase invoice.


Covet coordinates the deliveries for all the orders and make sure they arrive to the site. We use our external warehouse when items are too big to fit at the project site.

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We manage the entire construction process and guide your contractor's team through all phases of the project.


Start-up meeting

The meeting takes place at Covet with client and contractors present. The design, offer and action plan with the schedule are presented, discussed and approved based on our shared objective.

Mid-way meeting

Arranged to happen in the middle of the construction process at Covet's office in order to determine how the project progresses. Done based on a report from the construction manager outlining the time plan and any changes.

Construction start-up meeting

All parties involved meet at the project site. The project and rules of conduct at the property are presented. Any questions are dealt with and the various stakeholders confirm meetings, deliveries and the plan.


Covet conducts an inspection with the construction manager and client. A protocol is created with adjustments and a timetable outlining what is happening when.

Construction meetings

Done weekly according to the time plan. The client can participate if he or she wishes to. The project manager has a continuous dialogue with the client and gives weekly briefings, via email and in connection to the construction meetings, about the progress and any issues that might arise along the way.

Final inspection

When the contractor have done the final adjustments, an inspection will be conducted were the client and Covet meet again with the construction manager to ensure that all measures have been carried out with good results.

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