What does an interior architect do?

We are interior architects. Our task is to transform your vision into reality. We get a lot of questions about this, so we thought it was appropriate to clarify the concepts. An interior architect is a hybrid between architect and designer. Everyone who works at Covet is an interior architect and has reputable international educations from cities such as Milan, Melbourne and London.

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Top six tips when renovating your kitchen.

A kitchen renovation is often an integral part of our projects. The kitchen is the beating heart of the home. If the kitchen doesn't work, the home doesn't work. This is our six favorite tips for you who are considering remodelling your kitchen.

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Renovating a bathroom – A six step guide

Our customers are passionate about their bathrooms. These, often small and technically complicated, rooms are a hot topic of debate in many families before a renovation. At the same time, it is often precisely this that means that many Swedes do not dare to go all the way to create their dream bathroom. Instead, they settle for a somewhat neutral and safe solution that doesn't make anyone either happy or particularly sad.

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Floor plan change, our most requested service.

We are often hired to help our customers design a new floor plan. Some clients make a floor plan change to increase the value of their apartment or house and be able to make it further in the housing market. Others do it to stay in their home when the family grows and some have just bought a new home and need to adapt the floor plan to their needs.

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Move the kitchen? Consider this.

A kitchen move is one of the biggest changes you can make to your home. It is also the single most effective floor plan change you can make to increase the value of and maximize the efficiency of your home. The desire to move or to drastically change the kitchen in order to optimize the living space is, not unexpectedly, one of our most common requests from our clients.

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Renovate? Consider this.

Time to renovate? We help customers renovate their homes on a daily basis. Here we list some tips for a successful renovation. If you are thinking of renovating, we can always help you with an initial free consultation to go over how you want to rebuild your home.

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