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Renovating a bathroom – A six step guide

Renovera badrum

Publicerat 1 October, 2022

Written by Ellinor Pedersen

Passion för badrum.

Our customers are passionate about their bathrooms. These, often small and technically complicated, rooms are a hot debate topic in many families ahead of a renovation. At the same time, it is often precisely this that means that many Swedes do not dare to go all the way to create their dream bathroom. Instead, they settle for a somewhat neutral and safe solution that doesn't make anyone either happy or particularly sad. Here are six things to consider when renovating your bathroom.

Good lighting.

Planning for good lighting in a bathroom is really the thing that makes all the difference in how the room is experienced. We recommend using different types of lighting, such as spotlights in the ceiling, LED lighting by the mirror and also some decorative lighting in the form of wall or pendant lights. Also remember that the lighting must have a dimmer!

Placement of products.

When you're renovating the bathroom, it's always worth reviewing the placement of the bathroom fixtures. Think of how you usually use the bathroom and how you can optimize the layout.

Floor heating.

Installing underfloor heating will of course be an additional cost, but it is quite marginal compared to what it costs to renovate a bathroom. It's a small thing that really improves everyday life here in the cold Nordic region.

Electrical outlets

Another important thing to consider is the placement of electrical outlets. It is convenient to have electrical outlets inside the dresser for e.g. electric toothbrushes. But it is also important to have electrical outlets at working height on the wall next to the mirror so that it is easy to plug in a hair dryer or shaver.

Built-in fixtures or not?

Today, many choose wall-mounted faucets, showers or toilets. It is of course very stylish and nice, but it's important to know that it affects the budget for the bathroom. The products are often more expensive and you'll need to supplement with built-in boxes or cisterns. The installation is also more costly with higher labor costs from the contractors. Our advice is therefore to think twice before you to choose this option.

Certified contractors.

Remember to always use contractors with the relevant certificates to carry out bathroom renovations. Then you know you'll always get the work done in the right way, with high quality and with a certification that strengthens the value of your home in the future.


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Ellinor, interior architect at Covet