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Renovate? Consider this.


Posted July 25, 2022

Written by Hediyeh Olson

Dags att renovera?

Vi hjälper dagligen kunder att renovera sitt hem eller sin lokal.
Här listar vi några tips för en lyckad renovering.

Planning and budgeting.

Create a plan where you have thought through what you want to achieve, your budget, objective, timetable, etc. Do you need to make a building notification/apply for a building permit? Start early looking for potential construction companies that can carry out the work. Check when they can start. Look at the materials and interior details you want to get a price estimate for in the offer. Don't forget to check delivery times.

Turnkey contractor

We recommend that you bring in a turnkey contractor who can help you with all parts of the renovation. This makes it easier for you as a client with less practicalities to keep track of and even if formally speaking, this is somewhat more costly, it often pays off in the end as private project-led projects often turn out to be more costly than estimated due to misplaced orders, unnecessarily expensive products, delays or misses in the communication.

Hire a project manager

Project managing a renovation project yourself is time-consuming. It may be worth spending part of your budget on bringing in someone to run the project. This will save time and increase the efficiency of your project.

Mark out the new layout on the floor

Do you have difficulty visualizing how much space different pieces of furniture will need or how large a new room will feel? Put masking tape on the floor! This is a fantastically simple method to visualize your new home.


Remember to stick to the same communication email thread for everyone involved. Then everything is in writing and it's easy to refer to this communication if any unforeseen questions arise.


Don't forget to use ROT (a tax deduction). If you own the home where the work is carried out and pay tax in Sweden, you are usually entitled to SEK 50,000 in capital deductions. The total deduction may not exceed SEK 75,000 per person per year. Investigate how much ROT deduction you are entitled to, before you start your renovation.

Planerar du att renovera? Vi kan hjälpa dig med en första kostnadsfri konsultation för att gå igenom hur du vill bygga om ditt hem.

Hediyeh, interior architect at Covet