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Top six tips when renovating your kitchen.

Published October 4, 2022

Written by Frida Good

A kitchen renovation is often an integral part of our projects. The kitchen is the beating heart of the home. If the kitchen doesn't work, the home doesn't work. This is our six favorite tips for you who are considering remodelling your kitchen.

Position the dishwasher so that it does not become an obstacle when the door is open. If you have a kitchen island, make sure you can open the cupboards / drawers opposite while the dishwasher is open. Also plan which drawers should contain what based on where the dishwasher is placed so you can be efficient and don't have to move around too much when emptying the dishwasher.

Choose a sink that fits your life. Stone and wood require constant maintenance, quartz has the same feel as stone but is more resistant to liquids and heat.

Plan electrical outlets based on where you want your kitchen appliances. Power sockets on the underside of overhead cabinets can be good because they are not visible, but if you for instance have a coffee machine standing on the kitchen counter, it might be better with a socket on the wall behind it so you don't have to see the cord.

You can use carcass and fronts from different suppliers. A good way to reduce the price without compromising on the design is to use carcass from Ikea, but fronts from a supplier that has the style you're looking for.

Plan your kitchen so that fridge, stove and sink are placed in a triangle. It's between these three locations you'll mostly be moving in a kitchen. Placing them like this or close to each other minimise the number of steps you need to take to work in your kitchen.

Too much storage doesn't exist. Do you have room for one more shelf or a cabinet? Can you set these up without making your kitchen feeling too small or messy? You'll always eedd more storage in your kitchen. Most of our clients underestimate the amount of kitchen utensils they have in their homes. We'd rather see empty cabinets than a crowded kitchen countertop.

Frida, interior architect at Covet